It is already 10 p.m. and according to my original ‘plan’ I should have been in bed already for a long time. But then I skyped for more than 2 hours with my mom and sister. Well you have to know what is important in life 🙂 Continue reading

No quiero el canal!

Costa Rica, now 3 weeks traveling, second country, second stream of thoughts. Although I have already had a thousand thoughts and more, I never had the possibility to write it all down. If my memory could work like a hard disk on a computer, I would definitely write a book someday. Continue reading

I could get used to this

Tuesday 20 January, 6.40 a.m. This is our fifth day since we arrived in Nicaragua and if you could see the view from which where I am sitting, you really know my life totally sucks right now! So we’re in this hostel at the beach somewhere, small characteristic village, not really knowing what they could be living on, besides tourism and some fishing. The fishermen are preparing to get out and I see they are taking some tourists with them which are of course german. What’s up with the germans and their fishing all the time? Leave the fishsticks alone! Anyway, life here doesn’t really look like to have a Monday to Sunday week. Every day, people get up, do their work, make sure they have enough to survive another day or month and chill a little more in their hammocks while listening to reggaeton coming from oversized speakers we used to have in the 90’s.

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Your life in a banana box

19 December, 10pm, week 51. It is the last night in the apartment I lived in for the last 6 months. The last four days I have been working my ass off at work, then every evening and sometimes even night I have been packing all my belongings and sorting out a lot of stuff. Lots of bags went into the garbage, some of them went to the second hand shop and again other things which were worth keeping and storing for a year went into some banana boxes. Most clothes are brought home. Tomorrow after work I’m flying from Oslo to Brussels with two pieces of luggage weighing around 20-23 kg each and with a hand luggage of around 10 kilos while wearing my nicest suit and hat. Because you can’t put those in a travel bag if you want them to stay nice, right? This morning I carried my first bag of 22 kg to work. Continue reading


Dear readers, have you been checking out our blog from top to toe and wondering what the f this ‘Bert’s Bubble’ page is all about? Well, let me tell you now!Let’s start from the beginning. By now you should already have figured out that Paulien and I will go travelling in 2015, for a very long time and very very far away. Travelling is all about experiencing things; it is either good, bad or awesome. There are only these 3 levels in life. The things we will see and the things we will do are the facts. We will talk plenty about that in this blog and that is of course what the blog is for. But facts you also find on google, Wikipedia and the newspaper. For me the physical and emotional experience is as important as the facts or the things that I will see. Going from depressed like hell, puking my guts out of seasickness while sailing to Antarctica (seriously, who wants to do that?!) to being the most happy person alive while swimming together with a 10 meter whale shark in Zanzibar. Those are the moments you feel most alive and I am quite sure I will have my ups and downs along the way. Happiness is only real when shared, so then why only share the facts? That is why I want to write down and share my feelings, thoughts, ideas and brain twisters. Continue reading