Your life in a banana box

19 December, 10pm, week 51. It is the last night in the apartment I lived in for the last 6 months. The last four days I have been working my ass off at work, then every evening and sometimes even night I have been packing all my belongings and sorting out a lot of stuff. Lots of bags went into the garbage, some of them went to the second hand shop and again other things which were worth keeping and storing for a year went into some banana boxes. Most clothes are brought home. Tomorrow after work I’m flying from Oslo to Brussels with two pieces of luggage weighing around 20-23 kg each and with a hand luggage of around 10 kilos while wearing my nicest suit and hat. Because you can’t put those in a travel bag if you want them to stay nice, right? This morning I carried my first bag of 22 kg to work. Continue reading

Our first donation :)

Mijn collega’s waren gelijk enthousiast toen ik vertelde dat we geld willen inzamelen om vrijwilligerswerk te kunnen doen tijdens onze reis. En met een cola-consumptie van ongeveer 10 flesjes per week was snel bedacht dat ik met het statiegeld een mooi ‘startkapitaal’ had!

My colleagues were enthousiastic right away when I told them we want to collect money for charity projects during our trip. With a soda consumption of around 10 bottles a week, it was decided that I would get the deposit of the bottles, so it would make a good start for our fundraising.

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