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I love postcards! I have a lot of them, just to make sure I’m never short of a postcard when I want to send one. The last year, I haven’t taken the time I should have to send postcards to people. But the upcoming year I have enough time and I’m sure I’ll find a lot of nice postcards to send from different countries!

IMG_8831 (Kopie)A small part of my postcard collection

I know there should be people out there who like receiving postcards as much as I do, so I give you the chance to receive a nice hand-written postcard from a country of your choice. All you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Donate at least 5 euro / 50 kroner for our charity projects
2. Send me an email ( with your address and which country or continent you would like your postcard from
3. Sit in front of your mailbox every day waiting for the postcard to arrive!

As from now, you can choose from these countries:
– Nicaragua (January)
– Costa Rica (January / February)
– Panama (February)
– Argentina (February)
– South-Africa (April/May)
– Namibia (May)
– Zambia
– Tanzania
– Australia
– New-Zealand
– Asia (I’ll pick a nice country for you!)

As our plans might change, I might pick another country for your postcard. Or you can come up with a suggestion and maybe we’ll decide to go there.
For donations of 25 euro (200 kroner) and up, I’ll try to do my very best to send you a postcard from Antarctica, South-Georgia or Tristan da Cunha! With a nice stamp!

And of course, your donation goes only to our projects, not to cover the cost of your postcard, that’s on my personal budget! Just because I love sending postcards so much.

I hope some of you want to be part of my postcard project 😀 And it is of course possible to sign up for more than 1 country if you feel like donating more!


One thought on “Pauliens postcards

  1. Hi Paulien,

    I love this – I love postcards too so do send me one and I will donate to one of your great causes 🙂 I have all the postcards still from when I was a child and my father who was in the Navy sent me postcards from around the world. If you come to England on your way back to Norway do let us know as we will look after you well 🙂 Have fun x

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