Dear readers, have you been checking out our blog from top to toe and wondering what the f this ‘Bert’s Bubble’ page is all about? Well, let me tell you now!Let’s start from the beginning. By now you should already have figured out that Paulien and I will go travelling in 2015, for a very long time and very very far away. Travelling is all about experiencing things; it is either good, bad or awesome. There are only these 3 levels in life. The things we will see and the things we will do are the facts. We will talk plenty about that in this blog and that is of course what the blog is for. But facts you also find on google, Wikipedia and the newspaper. For me the physical and emotional experience is as important as the facts or the things that I will see. Going from depressed like hell, puking my guts out of seasickness while sailing to Antarctica (seriously, who wants to do that?!) to being the most happy person alive while swimming together with a 10 meter whale shark in Zanzibar. Those are the moments you feel most alive and I am quite sure I will have my ups and downs along the way. Happiness is only real when shared, so then why only share the facts? That is why I want to write down and share my feelings, thoughts, ideas and brain twisters.

So what can you expect? A lot of emotional crap or how much I miss my mother? Oh hell no! But you may expect about anything. The idea is to write down my stream of consciousness as described by William James (come on people, know your psychology and philosophy). That means everything will happen spontaneously but it may also mean that things can get a little chaotic in here. Don’t expect nicely structured texts and perfectly written sentences. Here you will find spelling mistakes but you will never know if I did in on pourpose or not. Please do expect a healthy portion of sarcasm. Also a certain level of relativity skills is recommended but not required. Other than that, this page will be as much as a surprise for me as for you. A lot will depend on how much time I will have to write down my thoughts and experiences. I heard that cocktails are quite cheap everywhere in the world but Norway, so excuse me if I rather have one of those in my hand than a keyboard while lying on a beach somewhere in Thailand. I also haven’t decided yet if I will write in English, Dutch or both. As the Dutch language is much more beautiful and more poetic than English, I might switch to Dutch later. And it is of course much easier to write Dutch as well 🙂 If this would happen, my dear little cute English readers; either motivate me in the comments to continue in English or use google translate.

It is not my intention to make this the most popular page of our blog. I think you will either hate it or love it and that is totally ok. If you hate it, just stare at this picture of a cat instead. If you love it, continue reading. Most of you probably already opened the link by now to see the cat. You just couldn’t resist, couldn’t you? It’s ok, it’s in our nature I guess… (to look at pictures of cats)

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